Cover art for The WesternerThe Westerner
Carry Me Back
Stay In The Saddle
Lonely River
Pride On The Prairie
Old Joe Clark
The Steward
Whoopi Ti Yi Yo
Song Of Wyoming
I Outgrew The Wagon
Poor Old Bill
My Rifle
God Bless
For Life
Cd Sons of the Rio Grande – The Westerner

15.00 USD + 2.00 shipping

Cover art for The Spirit and the Beauty of the WestThe Spirit & Beauty of the West
God Must Be a Cowboy
The Great Dividing Line
Rhythm of the Hoofbeats
My Adobe Hacienda
A Roundup Lullaby Cimarron
The Lonely Bunkhouse
Wind in the Wire
The Mystery of His Way
Red River Valley
Old Glory Has a New Glow
CD Sons of the Rio Grande – The Spirit and the Beauty of the West

15.00 USD + 2.00 shipping Click individual songs to hear a preview. You can also purchase Sons of the Rio Grande on Bandcamp Purchase our CDs directly on this site through the paypal! Please contact us for international orders. Best value! Buy both CDs for 30.00 USD to combine shipping:

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